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Today I decided to start a new blog … no, not this one, which I intend to keep going but something more specifically linked to the web design work that I am trying to get into. In the past I have decided against posting certain articles here because I thought they were too specialist for this blog, a second blog will remove that objection. No doubt there will be some things which could be posted in both places – and I probably will do just that.

In making the decision I took a step back and thought about the purpose of the site that each blog is hosted on. This site – – covers many of my interests and I hope will be seen by people with similar interests and, perhaps, prospective employers. The other site – – is the public face of my sideline business and I want articles there to demonstrate to potential customers that I know what I am talking about when helping them with their IT needs.

So, if you want to see some of my thoughts/findings about IT generally and web-design in particular then go to