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I am registered at LinkedIn for business contacts and Facebook for friends, I have a family domain with a simple website for people looking for us and I occasionally Tweet.

As of yesterday I also have a Google profile, an account on 43 people (for reasons which are not yet clear), a blog, and three personal domains plus negotiations on a fourth. Oh, also I registered with my university alumni association. Why?

I read a couple of posts on Lifehacker about managing your on-line reputation which, as I am likely to become a job-seeker or freelancer in 2010, struck a chord with me. The strategy is to occupy places where potential employers might look with material that you control. After all, you do not want them to find photos posted by a drunken frat-boy who happens to share the same name.

So exactly what am I going to do with all these new accounts? The answer is: I don’t know for sure but it will probably be something like this
– LinkedIn for business contacts
– Facebook for personal contacts
– website to promote me/my work
– blog to keep it fresh.
The latter two will probably merge in some way. Everything else is there to occupy space and direct any searchers to whichever of the main sites is relevant.

I will post more about this as i progress.