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Well, if you are seeing this you have found your way to my “new” blog, which is the same as the old blog except that it is now hosted on my own website. Perhaps I should explain. WordPress is open source software (available from, anyone can install and run it on any server that they want but because most people don’t want to go to that hassle you cab just create an account on The latter is what I did, hence the URL for my blog was which was visible on my website through an RSS feed. My move to Rapidweaver has made it possible to integrate the blog more closely with my main website.

Step 1 was to install WordPress on the server. My host (Dreamhost) has a one-click install for WordPress so this was very easy.
Step 2 was to buy and install the wp-blog pagestyle from Nilrog.
Step 3 was to export all the posts from the old blog and import them here.
That’s it.
Actually, it was a bit tricky getting the settings right so that my prefered RW style appears in the main page of the blog, trial and error plus a re-install of WP solved that. Also, although the main page shows the correct page if you click through to individual posts the WP theme takes over and the navbar links are within the blog pages only. I have to figure out if it is possible to correct these. Generally, I think it is pretty cool to have been able to do this without a great deal of effort.