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Tweet for work

I have put some thought and effort into my online presence but using Twitter as part of my job search/personal marketing campaign is something that I had not thought of. More from Lifehacker (again).

How to quit Facebook (sort of)

Another excellent post from Lifehacker, this time on how to quit Facebook, without actually doing so. In other words, how to improve your security.

Landgrabbing leeches!

Imagine that you have just had a great idea for a brilliant business. No one else has thought of it, in fact no one else could even do it. You are going to make a lot of money. So, you start setting up the business: set up a company, check; file a patent, check;...


I maintain two websites, one is a very simple “landing page” for anyone who might be searching the web for me or one of my immediate family. The other is slightly more complex with some of my pictures, a little about me and an RSS feed from this site. Both...

Who are you?

Yet another interesting post from Lifehacker, in this case the excellent Gina Trapani. This one is about how to use your own domain for your OpenID. Say wha? OpenID is a way of using your credentials on one website to sign into another. Imagine that you are surfing...