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Airport security

I have been travelling for many years, long enough to remember the Queen's Building at Heathrow (a riot of marble and chandeliers), Vickers Vanguards, Concorde entering service, domestic flights with no ID, being able to travel with a pen-knife, and so on. I also...

AppleID – Out of step with the world

Once upon a time you only needed an AppleID for the iTunes store and MobileMe, important to some but not all. Now, with IOS apps, the Mac App Store, a download-only OS and who knows what in the iCloud, it is becoming increasingly important, practically the cornerstone...

Good Presentation

I have seen plenty of presentations in my time - some good, some not so good - and given quite a few myself. Of course, I would like to think that all of mine were excellent, realistically I doubt they were but I do believe that generally I am above average. Good...

Good management techniques

Another post from Mr "Starbucker". Good stuff apart from the handshaking/backpatting which must be culturally appropriate (which he does imply).

Things a manager should hear Well, I recognise the positive in all the things on this list, I have said quite a few of them and <blush> even heard a few of them myself </blush> but...

About me

I am English, a father of two and husband of one, now living in The Netherlands.

Personally, I am interested in home computing (mostly Apple these days), photography, watching football & cricket, and books & films.

Professionally, I am a project manager, specialising in multi-country finance & procurement projects.

This blog covers some of my personal and professional interests. Comments are off but feel free to get in touch if there is something that interests you.