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A duff microphone means that my MacBook Air needs some attention from the techies at Apple. Last night I spent some time making sure that my spare laptop - a MacBook Pro - was ready to stand in for a few days. I have hardly used this laptop since I go the MBA almost...

Selling something new

I just read this article in the Harvard Business Review. Although targeted to Social Media it struck me that the lessons/points made are equally applicable in any programme that is new to a business. Several of my previous roles have required me to convince and cajole...

Airport Security III

The latest wheeze at Schiphol is to ask you to open your laptop. Kind of 2000's retro without having to actually having to "turn your laptop on please, sir". Given that the laptop in question is a MacBook Air it might just have been disbelief on the security drone's...

Airport Security II

I have decided to come out of the closet. For years I have poured scorn on airport security internally and to those nearby but never online, in public as it were. However, with my second post in a year on the subject I cannot restrain myself any longer. Airport...

About me

I am English, a father of two and husband of one, now living in The Netherlands.

Personally, I am interested in home computing (mostly Apple these days), photography, watching football & cricket, and books & films.

Professionally, I am a project manager, specialising in multi-country finance & procurement projects.

This blog covers some of my personal and professional interests. Comments are off but feel free to get in touch if there is something that interests you.