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Backup, Backup, Backup

We all know that we should back up. We have all heard stories of people losing their thesis, homework, whatever without having a backup. But, still, do you have an adequate backup strategy? One of the reasons that I like OS X is that backup is easy using Time Machine....

Learn to code

More inspiration from Lifehacker, this time on writing code. I wrote my first code in 1982 on an Apple II (with a whopping 16kb memory) using BASIC. Since then I have very occasionally dabbled with other languages including Pascal, Visual Basic, macro and script...

Internet phone

Years ago I bought a Linksys thingy to connect to a voice over internet phone (VoIP) service. For reasons I cannot now recall I never completed the project but over the last couple of weeks demand for this surfaced and so I set to …. Step 1: internet phone...

More Photoshop

More Photoshop tips, this time from HowToGeek, in case you need some Stalinist photo revisioning.

Learning Photoshop

Yesterday I attended a one day “Basic Photoshop” course. If you didn’t you might find these posts from Lifehacker useful.!5753459/learn-the-basics-of-photoshop-in-under-25-minutes...

Resume writing

In the last few months I have received a lot of advice on writing a good resume, this is Lifehacker’s spin on the subject. Of course, some of it is conflicting (include a photo/do not include a photo) but one consistent point is “keep it brief”,...

Tweet for work

I have put some thought and effort into my online presence but using Twitter as part of my job search/personal marketing campaign is something that I had not thought of. More from Lifehacker (again).

A chance to work?

Should you do some work for free? perhaps to polish your CV, practise some new skills, for reference, good karma. Use this decision tree to help you decide.