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I have not posted recently, mainly because I have been sorting out some issues with the move of web hosts. That has caused more trouble than I would like but I think everything will be sorted soon, when it is I will post some of the details and learnings. However,...

Transfering files to your iPhone

I have already posted on the wonderful Dropbox as a tool for sharing files between computers (both Windows and Mac). Sadly, at least at the moment, it is not the ideal method for sharing files between a computer and an iPhone. In fact, there is no solution that is...

Mindmapping on the iPhone

One of my favourite techniques for organising a project or structuring a problem is a Mind Map. Some people create very extensive maps but mine are mostly quite small, ideal for an iPhone and it was one of the first pieces of software that I searched for in the App...


The iPhone, my new best friend. But, like all friends, it is not quite perfect. My thoughts on the iPhone here.

A hundred years of PDAs

Well, not 100 years but it in technology terms it seems like it. As a card-carrying geek I have been carrying a PDA since 1994. I have written up the details here.