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Business “Plan A”

If you have looked at my profile you will know that I am a qualified management accountant and that I have a lot of experience as such and, more recently, in managing international finance and IT projects.

After 22 years with Unilever I am now looking for a new job in the following areas:

Finance, especially

  • decision making
  • forecasting
  • reporting and analysis
  • risk management
  • process management
  • programme management


  • project management
  • programme management
  • application management


  • in either discipline

Contact me to help you achieve your business objectives.

Technology “Plan B”

Since I was made redundant the need to manage my online presence (see earlier posts) has driven me to learn more about website software. In the past 9 months I have built or rebuilt several websites – for myself and for others – and can do the same for you. Check out, my technology services website.