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I have decided to re-arrange things here. This site was built with Rapidweaver providing the basic structure, the style, and a number of the pages, with WordPress powering the rest (via a clever little Rapidweaver stack by Nilrog). However, I have decided to switch to a primarily WordPress driven site, possibly with a bit of Rapidweaver for the photography section.

Why the change? I love the layout capability of Rapidweaver, especially when using the Stacks plugin however it lacks good blog functionality, which is why I used WP before, and is not very SEO friendly. The latter was manageable via Nilrog’s plugin but I feel that the latter is an issue which I have to address . I will take the opportunity to tidy things up a bit as well, making the structure a bit more balanced following the inspiration of this article by SEO king, Yoast.

I also have a few improvements in mind, for example I would love to have a thumbnail assigned to posts based on their category and I am also wondering if I can automatically share posts with my TechZen blog in some way. More of these things later.

As you might expect there are a few little niggles, images are not appearing at the moment for example, which I will try to work out over the next few days.