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I have not posted here for a while. Most my time has been spent working on …. WordPress, and in rather more detail than I feel comfortable with.

Recently a friend asked for some help with a club website that she administers: “is it possible to add an event calendar?”. I agreed to take a look. The site was originally written in Open CMS then, after a security breach, hurriedly ported to CMS Made Simple. I have a little experience with corporate CMS’s but none with neither of these. CMSMS provides decent functionality but I did find the UI a bit confusing at times. There is no event calendar as standard but I found several plugins that do the job. I tried a couple, selected the best and then ran into a problem: although the main calendar page formatted correctly I could not find any way of linking a stylesheet to individual event pages.

Thinking about the problem I wondered if I could reproduce the site, with event functionality, using WordPress. So began a long, sometimes educational, often frustrating, journey into the bowels of WordPress, and CSS, and PHP. After nearly two solid weeks trial and error programming I have the website running, my first WP “loop”, theme and a draft plug-in. The latter is working, kind of, but not yet ready for public consumption. Watch this space.