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If you are reading this then the chances are you already know about Apple’s new iCloud service, announced at WWDC last week.

I signed up for MobileMe when I bought an iPhone as I wanted to keep things in sync with my Mac Mini. It was OK but as a long term Google user I ended up using that as “my truth”. The first version of this site used iWeb but I already had my own URL and a hosting package so MobileMe was no use there. I got into Dropbox pretty early and had built up a reasonable disk quota through referals and so on; I only used iDisk for occasional file transfers but I found it pretty slow. The only part of MobileMe I used regularly was the gallery but even there I have a Flickr account and recently a friend was unable to see some photos I had posted specifically for her. In short, MobileMe is of little value to me and the bits that are don’t seem to work fast or reliably.

So why did I keep a MobileMe account? Frankly, there is no good reason. When the renewal came around in April I thought very seriously about giving it up, only the rumours of an improved service coming soon convinced me to continue. I wish I had not. Sure, Apple has extended the expiry date on all  MobileMe subscription to the end of June 2012 but that is only a benefit if you delay upgrading to Lion. Big deal. How many people are going to do that? Given that MobileMe costs $99 per year whereas Lion will cost only $29 I think Apple could have given all MM subscribers a free upgrade to Lion.