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More Photoshop

More Photoshop tips, this time from HowToGeek, in case you need some Stalinist photo revisioning.

Learning Photoshop

Yesterday I attended a one day “Basic Photoshop” course. If you didn’t you might find these posts from Lifehacker useful.!5753459/learn-the-basics-of-photoshop-in-under-25-minutes...

Best of 2010

It is the time of year when newspapers, TV and bloggers write their “best of” lists, why should I be any different? Well, I will try to make it a little different. What follows are the products and services that were new to me in 2010, some of those that...

Portrait photo tips

More from Lifehacker, this time advice on how to take good portrait photos. I don’t have much experience with portraits but I would like to so this is about my level.