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Keeping your passwords secure – a better way?

A thought provoking article via Lifehacker on why a different approach to a random password might be better. I have not done the maths on this so offer no opinion on whether it is better or not, but I shall certainly think about it. One potential downside is that...

Tweet for work

I have put some thought and effort into my online presence but using Twitter as part of my job search/personal marketing campaign is something that I had not thought of. More from Lifehacker (again).

OMG this is astonishing

I am gobsmacked by this information from the Wall Street Journal. Why would a game on your iPhone need to transmit¬† your phone number “back to base”? Why does a dictionary want to send your location? Why would they not tell you? I cannot imagine a good...

How to quit Facebook (sort of)

Another excellent post from Lifehacker, this time on how to quit Facebook, without actually doing so. In other words, how to improve your security.