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My wife and I are planning an online business selling paintings and photographs, mostly landscapes. After a lot of discussion and many searches that ended up in names already in use, of at reserved by leeches, we decided that Lens and Brush was a suitable name.

Of course, was held by a leech but was available so I grabbed it. In an ideal world you own all variations on your business name so I approached a domain broker enquire about the price of They declined the work because the registration was expiring shortly and told me to try again in December, which I planned to do.

Earlier this week I read an Engadget article about the best domain registrars. I noticed that one of the five listed ( offered a “domain nabber” service whereby you could attempt to grab the registration of an expiring domain. Relaising that expired yesterday I signed up at a cost of $50. It worked! Now forwards to, try it.