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Europe keeps cropping up at important moments in my life. I was born on the 8th of May, VE day, my first vote was the 1979 elections for the European Parliament (the first ever for a supra-national body), I moved to the Netherlands just before the introduction of Euro...

Fitbit export “service”

For the last few years I have carried a FitBit One tracker. My interest is primarily in activity, sleep and weight logs. Quite soon after buying the FitBit I signed up for their premium service, mainly because of the facility to export stats, in case I ever want to...

Hotspots & holidays … help at hand

After the shock of seeing how much data my laptop was sending I started to look for ways to monitor the amount of traffic. The first useful program that I found is called Bandwidth+, which is available through the Mac App Store. This puts a counter in your status bar...

Hotspots & holidays … beware

With assorted iPhones, iPads and Macs a wi-fi connection has become a standard criteria for selecting houses and apartments when my wife and I go on holiday. We haven’t had any problems with this until a recent holiday in Australia. Because of problems with their...

About me

I am English, a father of two and husband of one, now living in The Netherlands.

Personally, I am interested in home computing (mostly Apple these days), photography, watching football & cricket, and books & films.

Professionally, I am a project manager, specialising in multi-country finance & procurement projects.

This blog covers some of my personal and professional interests. Comments are off but feel free to get in touch if there is something that interests you.